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The Story & the Mission

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As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I did not think I would experience pelvic floor issues, the bodily aches and pain that I did. I was active and relatively healthy. But, postpartum rocked my world after my first kiddo....mentally, emotionally and physically for quite some time and those experiences are very much ingrained in my memory and heart. 

I will not forget feeling beyond frustrated and drained during those times while learning how to take care of a human being. I will also not forget the moments when I recognized my newly gained strength, noticed my unwanted symptoms fading away and just becoming more in-tune with my new body. I felt invincible. That feeling, the confidence, and that empowerment is what every moms deserve. 

Motherhood is HARD enough and if we can somehow get rid of unnecessary pain or any of the unwanted symptoms of postpartum, my hope is that you’ll start feeling like “yourself” again or a version of you, that you want to be.

My hope is that 4th Trimester Physical Therapy is more than a physical therapy office, but a channel for moms navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood. I offer knowledge, support, and the occasional laugh, because a good laugh can be as healing as a great treatment plan. Here, we're all teammates on this journey. Together, we got this.

How Can I Help?

Experiencing any of these issues? I'm here to help. 
As a practitioner specializing in pelvic floor and orthopedics, I'm passionate about taking a holistic approach to healing. Rather than focusing solely on isolated symptoms, I advocate for considering the body as a unified entity and root cause. 
In my practice, I've discovered that integrating both pelvic floor and orthopedic knowledge offers a comprehensive approach to care that prioritizes your overall well-being. Let's work together to address your concerns effectively and restore balance to your body.

  • urinary leakage

  • frequent urination

  • constipation

  • prolapse

  • pelvic pain

  • pain with intercourse

  • diastasis recti (DRA)

  •  orthopedic pain (ie. lower back pain, neck, shoulder, hip pain, etc.)- related or not related to postpartum/pregnancy!

  • C-section scar pain

  • assessment for safe return and readiness to fitness postpartum

    and more!​​

P.S.   If you have pelvic floor issues not related to pregnancy or postpartum, I can help too!

What Makes 4th Trimester Different?

As a mother of 2 young ones and having gone through my own postpartum journey, I learned something that I wish I would've realized a lot sooner. The power of stress. The ways it can impact a person (physically, emotionally, & mentally) is powerful and not always positive. It was one of those things where I knew from a science perspective how it plays a role in healing but to experience it myself was eye opening. 


At 4th Trimester Physical Therapy, I take pride on being accommodating and understanding, as it is one of my top priorities for my patients. I truly understand in trying to navigate motherhood &/ life and still things don't go as planned or it's just difficult to get to places, let alone on time. Here is how I try to make your recovery journey a little easier....

- The clinic has a simple nursery where your little one can come to nap (if needed) while you are being treated! Your children are always welcome to attend session! I will also be very happy to snuggle little ones for you too!

- Mobile services are offered. 

- I don't book patients back to back to allow wiggle room. I know what it is like to get an early start but still run behind, sometimes things don't always run smoothly and I understand that! 

- You won't be cut off when your time is up.  I want you to leave your session feeling hopeful, understanding what is going on and feeling confident with your home exercise program, so if that means taking a little extra time in session, l'm here!

- In between session, you have questions? I encourage you reach out and ask. I'm a phone call, text or an email away.

- Weekend appointments are available!

My goal for this practice is to be more than a PT office but a support system & a channel for navigating your recovery.

Appointment Options

In office visits

Individualized physical therapy one on one session with Dr. Cho. 

Virtual Visits

Individualized virtual visit, one on one with Dr. Cho. 

Mobile Visits

I will bring PT to you! Customized physical therapy visit in your home. 

Have questions? Want to learn more of about how we can help? Sign up for a free 20 min consult!

"I cannot recommend LaLa enough!! I went her to see her for pelvic floor therapy and she helped so much! She is very knowledgeable and thorough. She has a way of being of being encouraging, supportive and patient that really motivates you to get better and she is with you every step of the way. If you need PT, she is the person to go to!"

Tia R. 


"As someone who has been to many PTs over the last couple years, Lala has been the most comprehensive PT I’ve ever had. She supported me all throughout my 4th trimester to help me get back to baseline. She provided detailed workouts and exercises that really fit into my schedule/routine. I really appreciated that she came to my house during the first couple sessions when it was hard to schedule around a newborn schedule. I am so thankful that I found her and would recommend her to anyone!"

Katherine I. 

Highly recommend Dr. LaLa to everyone! I have known her for a few years and seen her for a few issues and every time her skills and knowledge fixed me. Her flexibility and availability is also made it so easy to get better. She is not your average PT!

Kris M. 

For more client testimonials, check out Google Reviews!

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